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¼ Ham Sandwich

¼ Cheese Spread Sandwich

¼ Jam Sandwich

2x Chicken Dippers

Mini Sausage Roll

2x Cocktail Sausages

Carrot batons

Sliced grapes

Potato Hoop Crisps

Pink & White Marshmallow

2x Party Rings


Unlimited Squash/Water




Up to 30 guests                        

£2 per extra head

2x Lunch Kebab

(½ grape, cheese cube, cucumber, chicken slice, cucumber, ½ grape)

2x Chicken Dippers

Carrot batons

Potato Hoop Crisps

Fromage Frais




Unlimited Squash/Water




Up to 30 guests

£2 per extra head


Instead of spending the whole party in the kitchen preparing food and clearing up, take the stress away completely! Pass it over to our 5* rated Caterers so you can sit back and enjoy the party!


Our Caterers provide delicious "kid-friendly" food all served up on individual plates so everybody gets an equal, balanced portion and there's no risk of cross contamination for those requiring special dietary needs!


All our caterers hold hygiene certificates and both menu options can be altered for special dietry needs.


Hand wipes, place mats, table decorations and cups, plates and jugs are all provided along with the party food and drink.


Our Caterers can also be hired separately for parties not run by us.


Menu One

Menu Two


Fun designs by our talented professional Face Painters!


If you can't see a design you like, discuss with our artists and they'll come up with something unique just for you!


We maintain a high level of hygiene and all our equipment is cleaned thoroughly and sterilised after each use.


Face Painters are included in 'The Original' Package but are also available to add on to another package or hire them separately for an event.

dfgyu monster butterfly demon

£80 for 2 Face Painters 


Up to 30 guests

£3 per extra head

We charge...

£4 per face


We will split the earnings 60/40

We charge...

 £4 per face


We will take all earnings

  • Face Painting

  • Party Bags

"What else can I add to my party?"

  • Catering

  • Decorations

Face Painting

elsa hawaiian spidey wonder woman batman dog tiger troll Untitled pretty skull unicorn

Party Price

Event Price

Charity Price

Party bags





Mummy's know best, so we've listened and acted upon your feedback...


Our updated Party Bags now contain fewer sweets and include a small craft or book in an environmentally friendly paper bag. Making life sweet without extra sugar and ensuring the fun doesn't end after the party does!


Party bags are included in our 'Original Package' but are also available to add to any other Package!

£1.50 per guest

P1170234 34839950_10156604654140712_8535984588671942656_n DISCUSS OPTIONS



We have decorations in a variety of themes and each kit contains over £150!

Our team will be on hand 1 hour prior to the event to assemble and be there to take down decorations after the event too.


Add to any of our 2 hour packages, or on their own!


£40 Full Hall Decorations

46883777_2226713214238644_2316903842786050048_n 55826177_2313066305603334_4483220505767182336_n 56894427_2313066275603337_5429236805612339200_n 60803063_2339177536325544_682281445032460288_n 60356323_2339179562992008_4627720926639685632_n BOOK NOW